Singham 123


Singham 123 is a spoof action comedy film, which is set in the backdrop of a village called Singarayakonda. Lingham is a self proclaimed king and mafia-lord in the village. He fancies himself as the destructive force and an archenemy of Law and Order. After several failed attempts by the police, Singham123 is assigned the mission to arrest Lingham. The rest of the film is a laugh riot.


Banner : 24 Frames Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Story, Screenplay and Producer : Vishnu Manchu
Director : Akshat Ajay Sharma
Cinematography : Satish Mutyala
Music Director : Seshu KMR
Editor : M R Varma
Dialogues : Diamond Ratnam
Fight Master : P. Satish
Cast : Sampoornesh Babu, Bhavani, Sanam Shetty, Annapurna, Prudvi Raj, Viva Harsha