Music Production Company

The music production house of Fun Films & Music Entertainment is the continuation of India’s oldest unbroken traditions in the world. Since the time of Vedas to the present age music remains the pivotal part of Indian life and culture as a source of spiritual inspiration, cultural expressions and pure entertainment that have taken different forms at different times during the course of evolution of the Indian Music. The present music has multiple varieties of popular, filmy, pop, folk, semi-classical & classical music. As a Music Production House, Fun Films & Music Entertainment searches the new talents and providing a professional platform to the emerging singers, musicians, song writers, producers and composers those want to make their career in Music.

Audio Video Production

Fun Films & Music Entertainment has entered into the Audio Video Production since its inception with different kinds of production services that include Tele Film, Multi-media CD production, indoor video shooting, outdoor video shooting, documentary film etc. backed by the panel of experts in audio-video film-making.