Gemini – ‘O Inti Katha’ Serial


This is a Horror based thriller story, an Army Major’s Family survived by his wife and two children a boy and a girl of age 10 and 12 years will be living in forest. The children seem to suffering from sun allergy hence they would come out only during the night. They will be living in the house with all doors and windows will be closed during the day. The girl doesn’t believe in God, therefore always gets punished by her Mother. Another boy who is a tenant in the house will be always watching this girl and ultimately makes friendship with her.

After few days a servant’s family arrives in the house a 60 year old couple and their daughter, 20 years of age. The servant’s family seems to be very mysterious in their behavior. One day the old man opens all the doors and windows of the house the two children gets panicked and run hither thither to hide themselves from the light, just then their mom rushes and yells at the old man. The old man reveals the truth that the Major is no more and that they committed suicide now they are only ghosts living in the hallucination that they are humans and that the Major is alive, he would return to them any day.


Banner : 24 Frames Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Producer : 24 Frames Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Director : Kapuganti Rajendra
Writer : Ravi Kolikipudi
Photography : Om Prakash