The story is hilarious comedy and rotates around an innocent young man Ramudu who has lost his parents in his childhood. His fate takes him to places un-known , though he is taken for a ride in every corner of his life his fate is strong and puts him back on the wheels of life to make him a full pledged man who is as good as a hero. On the other hand another person Krishnudu who is quite opposite to the character of Ramudu plays his role of a bad boy and this in-turn becomes handy for Ramudu and both of them transforms their life for good into real life heroes.


Banner : 24 Frames Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Producer : 24 Frames Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Director : B. Nagendra Kumar , Vutla Venkatanjaneyulu
Writer : Y. Saibabu , Megoti Anjaneyulu
Music : Kamran
Art Director : Raj Kiran
Cast : Rajesh , Radhika , Jyothi Poornima , Srinivas , Rupa Reddy , R.K. Chowdary , Prabha , Ramya Chowdary