Gemini – ‘ Intilo Ramiah Veedilo Krish’ Serial


The story is hilarious comedy and rotates around an innocent young man Ramudu who has lost his parents in his childhood. His fate takes him to places un-known , though he is taken for a ride in every corner of his life his fate is strong and puts him back on the wheels of life to make him a full pledged man who is as good as a hero. On the other hand another person Krishnudu who is quite opposite to the character of Ramudu plays his role of a bad boy and this in-turn becomes handy for Ramudu and both of them transforms their life for good into real life heroes.


Banner : 24 Frames Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Producer : 24 Frames Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Director : B. Nagendra Kumar , Vutla Venkatanjaneyulu
Writer : Y. Saibabu , Megoti Anjaneyulu
Music : Kamran
Art Director : Raj Kiran
Cast : Rajesh , Radhika , Jyothi Poornima , Srinivas , Rupa Reddy , R.K. Chowdary , Prabha , Ramya Chowdary